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insightful counselling

Insightful counselling helps you to discover your current struggle in life. Together we will look at the underlying themes, which emotions are playing a role and which techniques we can use so that you can get yourself back on track.


solution-focused counselling

Solution-focused counselling does not focus on the problem. This makes this approach different from more traditional therapy.  Together, the therapist and the client search for a solution, as desired by the client. By means of questions, including the miracle question (What if?), the client is put on this other track. Together with the therapist, the client investigates the possibility of reaching the desired solution on the basis of existing capacities. The effect is that the client develops his own solutions, which therefore have a lasting effect.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a form of therapy in which the acceptance of one's own (unacknowledged) complaints is central. The client learns to stop the pointless fight with (unpleasant) emotions, thoughts and physical sensations wherever possible. This creates space and attention for things that are really important (commitment). The goal is not to solve or reduce complaints, but to become more mentally resilient. Within ACT, metaphors, mindfulness exercises and meditation are widely used.

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