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"If you want to change things, start with yourself"


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Each of us runs into things at some point in life. How we perceive these things - as problems, as obstacles, as opportunities? - will affect how we deal with them. Most likely, however, it will always do something to us. We feel something, we think something, we do something.  And sometimes we get stuck in that.

With a broad, holistic view together with you we will look at what you need to 'loosen up'. I use various techniques that affect both body and mind. You can think of solution-focused conversations and body work (Wellness Balances).


The body-centered method I work with is called AcuEnergetics® (Accurate Energy Medicine), a modern treatment method from Australia that effectively treats a wide range of physical, emotional and mental conditions.

AcuEnergetics® acts on the body's bioelectric system and encourages the body to naturally heal faster, helping to relieve pain and improve physical and emotional health.

In this method, I use my hands to restore the natural bio electric flow.

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